March 2022

Italian after-school clubs for heritage speakers

For the school year 2022/2023, we aim to offer after-school clubs for Italian speaking children from Reception class to Year 6 as usual. Due to changes in the guidelines from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the classes for the little ones (Reception and KS1) will be one hour long, while classes for KS2 children will remain one and a half hours. We expect to run all our clubs at the Balham site on Mondays and Tuesdays with the following timetable:

  • MON 4-5 Year 1 & Year 2

  • MON 5-6.30 Year 3 & Year 4

  • TUE 4-5 Reception & Year 1 (newcomers)

  • TUE 5-6.30 Year 5 & Year 6


Registrations will open in the summer term and if you enrol your child between April and June, the courses will be the same price as this year (£250 for 33 weeks). Afterwards, enrolments may incur an increased charge. Please, rest reassured that SIAL courses and Ambarabà are working towards ensuring that costs remain affordable.


Days and times are subject to changes should the registered children benefit from different arrangements and we reserve the right to re-organise the groups based on age, language proficiency and years of attendance to ensure a higher level of homogeneity. We would hope to have a better picture of the enrolments before the end of this school year to be able to confirm days and times during the summer. For this reason, I would highly encourage you to register your child soon enough for us to organise groups and best support your kids. In case the proposed arrangements should not suit you, you will be able to ask for a refund. 




Evening classes for partners and parents of Italian speakers

Thanks to the many who registered their interest in starting the Italian learning journey. Unfortunately, we won't be able to start a new beginners' class until September. We are planning to offer evening classes in person at our Balham site or online, should the majority of students prefer so. Classes will run on Monday and/or Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 8.30 pm and will run for 30 weeks from September to June, in line with the school calendar. Price will range between £400 and £550 for the whole year based on the number of students and selected format. We would encourage you to reply to this email with an expression of interest if you are a partner/parent of an Italian speaker and feel it is time to start your language learning journey :)




Italian playgroups for babies and toddlers

We acknowledge that the provision of playgroups has been inconsistent this year and we would like to apologise for this. Unfortunately, we were unable to find suitable candidates for the class leader role that would be available on Saturday morning. We tried to promote a group on a weekday afternoon but the interest has been low and so decided to put this activity on hold, hoping to find the right person for the next school year. Should this go ahead, sessions will be held at our Balham site on Saturday mornings starting from September. 




Private lessons and home sessions

Private lessons are available to students of all ages

  • ADULTS Should a tailored 1to1 course be your preference, our teachers can help you with private classes at your place or online. You can benefit from a free assessment session and in case your level of proficiency and needs match the ones of an existing student, you may be offered to pair up for 2to1 classes to maximise learning success and minimise the costs :) Individual classes start from £32/h and you can benefit from a discount if you book a 10 lessons block (£300 in total). Should it be possible to arrange them and you opt for 2to1 classes, the cost will be £35/h to split between the two students.

  • TEENAGERS If your child decided to take the Italian GCSE, our dedicated teachers can support them in the preparation for the exam with tailored programmes. The number of sessions will be determined after the assessment and it can go from 10 hours distributed throughout the school year (September to May/June) to weekly classes should that be necessary. Prices start from £30/h and lessons can be held in person or online.  

  • CHILDREN We would discourage private sessions for primary school children for many reasons, however, if it is not possible to accommodate your requests and your child is an Ambarabà student, we will try to pair them up for 2to1 classes based on age, proficiency and learning program already covered. On some occasions, we agreed on running home sessions with groups of max 5 children. Home sessions were revealed to be a great initiative, with parents bonding around the activity and fully embracing the community spirit we promote at Ambarabà. However, this has a logistic cost and the activity is under review for the next school year. The cost for home sessions ranges between £35 and £50 based on time (up to 1,5hrs) and the number of students.