Ambarabà offers a variety of study options, from beginner to advanced, and a variety of formats from private tutoring to group lessons. Prices vary according to duration, format and age range. Before starting a course, you will benefit from a one to one assessment appointment to discuss your needs and our method and approach. 

After-school Italian Club
KS1 & KS2 | 4.00-5.30 pm | Balham
Join our after-school club for heritage language learners to improve your writing skills, gain a better understanding of the grammar, and play with other Italian children. (Max. 8 participants)

Starting from

£ 130 per term 

After-school Language Club
Children KS1 | 3.30-4.30 pm | School-terms based
Join our after-school club to learn a new language through play. (Italian & Spanish)
Subject to agreements with primary schools. Contact us to check the availability in your area.

Starting from

£ 70 per term 

Italian for Beginners (A1 level)
Adults | WED 7.00-8.30 pm | 10 weeks
Have fun learning Italian! This course is based on a structural but playful approach, where you learn the grammar through interactive games, and it is particularly designed for supporting partners and parents of Italian speakers.
Next course TBC

Starting from

£ 185


Italian for Toddlers
Playgroup & Home Sessions
Using songs, puppets, and dance we introduce children below the age of 4 to the Italian language. In our home sessions, we provide strategies for language enforcements for the second generation of Italian speakers, combined with an introduction to the language for parents/carers for a joint learning journey.
The playgroup runs every Saturday from 11.00 to 11.50 in collaboration with Talia e la Valigia delle Idee.  The fee is £42 (£7 per session), calculated pro-rata based on the number of sessions remaining from the day you enroll to the end of the first term.

Starting from

£7 per session 

Italian for senior students 
WED 9.45-11.15 am | 10 weeks
Learn Italian and meet other people with this unique opportunity! An affordable language course for senior students, grandparents, and relatives of Italian speakers. Our classes are based on a functional communicative approach and lessons will be tailored based upon the common interests of the group. 

Starting from

£ 105

One to One Tuition
Italian, Spanish, English | All levels
A course completely tailored to your needs and interests. Benefit from a personal tutor for full individual attention. Lessons can be held at our premises, at your tutor's home or at your home (please, contact us to check availability in your area).


£35 / 1 hour   

£47 / 1.5 hours


2-to-1 tuitions available for an additional £10/hour.