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Learn Spanish

¡Hola! Are you passionate about latin music and dance? Or are you planning to visit Madrid, Seville or Barcelona? Would you like to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world? Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Spanish, we will provide you with an engaging and effective learning experience. All our courses are tailored based upon your needs, motivation and interests. 


Introducing a second language in childhood ensures open minds and enhances a child's cognitive development. It also helps your children to build self-esteem and confidence. Give your child this opportunity, join us today! Ambarabà offers after-school club schemes for both beginners and Spanish speaking children. contact us >


Our 1to1 and 2to1 classes are designed to actively involve adolescents up to 18 years of age. Working with trained teachers and in small groups, teenagers receive individual attention, learn to express themselves in Spanish and prepare for their GCSEs and A levels. Join us today! contact us >

Studenti e insegnanti in aula

There are many situations where you need to understand a different language, on holiday, for business purposes or simply to be able to take in more information. At Ambarabà we take your needs and interests in consideration to provide the most effective learning course for you! see courses >

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