Italian After-school Club

After-school clubs

for Italian speaking



School-terms based

4-5.30 pm



Multilingual Parent Network

FRI 22nd January 2021

7.45 - 9.00 pm


Ambarabà Community Language School




Community language schools help students learn and use their community language. Ambarabà aims to support the second-generation language maintenance of the Italian speaking community of South London and our activities give students of primary-school age the chance to gain a better understanding of their second or heritage language by attending regular after-school clubs or home sessions where we explore cultural contents with a deep focus on grammar, reading, and writing.

We are aware of the challenges of raising a child to be bilingual and we provide families with the tools to achieve balanced bilingualism by offering workshops for parents, evening language courses specifically designed for parents and/or partners of Italian speakers and promoting community events and learning holidays. Language acquisition and the development of intercultural sensitivity are fully integrated with our courses, and we allow students to express themselves spontaneously while strengthening their language competences as a whole.


Ambarabà also works as an after-school Spanish club provider for primary schools and delivers private lessons to individuals who want to learn a new foreign language. Our teaching approach is built on an experience-based learning process to improve the chance of effective second language acquisition through games, TPR (Total Physical Response) and elements of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). 

Community Events